Dissertation Presentation and Defense of the First Cohort

The MA in English programme of Yonphula Centenary College(YCC) had its first ever dissertation defense from 21-23 November, 2018 at the Conference Hall of Sherubtse College, Kanglung. In continuation with the Proposal Writing and Presentation completed in the previous semester, June 2018, the first batch of 32 Masters students’, comprising 11 female and 21 male in-service teacher candidates, presented and defended their dissertation. During the first phase of research work, the constructive comments provided by three examiners namely Dr. Kinley Dorji, Assistant Professor, Paro College of Education, Mrs. Anju Chhetri, Assistant Lecturer, Sherubtse College and Dr. Anup Kumar Deka, Head, Department of English, KHS College, affiliated to Gauhati University, greatly assisted the researchers in shaping their objectives to achieve the desired outcome.

In the final phase, their researched written works, presentation and defense were evaluated by three eminent panelists from Bhutan and India, viz., Dr. Dorji Thinley, President, Paro College of Education, Dr. Debapriya Basu, Assistant Professor, IIT Guwahati and Professor Sanjay Kumar, Banaras Hindu University, Banaras. The hard work of the researchers became evident during the research presentation and defense when every student strove and gave their best one after the other. The critical remarks, suggestions and feedback provided by the external examiners inspired the scholars, enabling them to make necessary changes and elaborations in the dissertation before its final submission to the Research Committee of YCC.

The three-day scholarly interaction not only enriched the researchers who presented their works but also prepared the first year students for such academic engagement in the forthcoming semesters. Every day was a learning experience and at the end of the three-day presentation students acquired confidence to deliver, clarify and defend their work.

On the inaugural day, the research coordinator, Dr. P. Baburaj extended a warm welcome note to President, Dean YCC, panelists, the presenters, research supervisors, faculty, staff and the first semester students. At the end of the third day, Programme Leader Dr. S. Chitra proposed vote of thanks. The presence and co-operation of all the members throughout the programme indicated the cohesion of the team.

Ash Bdr Subba

Year I Sem I