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On campus Accommodation/Hostels

YCC has 3 on campus residential accommodations (Self-catering hostels) – which can accommodate 100 students.  Every unit of the hostel consists of an attached toilet and kitchen. Students who are admitted on merit basis with a full scholarship may be provided residence on campus depending on the availability of space in these Hostels. Students are charged with Nu.150 every month towards rent for accommodation.


For the internet connection, YCC is connected to Bhutan Telecom with 10 Mbps Lease line connection of fibre-optic backbone. And the whole campus is connected with wireless connections 24/7, which includes the Library, Academic, Administrative blocks and the hostels, aiming to fully utilize the resources for better use in the educational purpose as the wireless connections provide extra mobility and accessibility with greater freedom to connect with the world.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

The college’s Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle) is an online space set up to deliver technology-enhanced teaching and learning experience to the faculty and the students. In total 12 courses (module) are uploaded in VLE and there are 68 users using VLE as of December 2018.